Portrait of a Lady on Fire

The film is about a passionate love story passes during the 18th century of an art teacher Marienne with Héloïse who is the daughter of an aristocratic family. The film begins with a request for Héloïse’s painted portrait to be sent to a son of an aristocratic family in Milan with whom she will be forced to get married. Héloïse, who does not want to marry this man, opposes this. Héloïse’s mother asks Marienne (art teacher) to paint her daughter’s portrait unaware from Héloïse to whom she introduced as a companion. The two women who get closer and closer over time fall in love. The film reveals the period they live in and how they are rejected and criticized because of their relationship. The director Céline Sciamma, for this film, has inspired by forgotten female painters throughout the art history and Portrait of a Lady on Fire received many awards such as; Cannes Film Festival, Lumiere Award, European Film Award.