Museums To Open In 2020

We witnessed many openings of impressive and innovative museums both in Turkey and around the world in 2019. And in 2020 we will be seeing a lot more fascinating museums. Let’s explore these new museums that promise different experiences to their audiences and discover their remarkable architectures.

Museums to open in Europe and in the US

Bassines de Lumières, Digital Art Center, Bordeaux, France

Bassines de Lumieres will be the largest digital art center in the world. The digital art center, which was used as a submarine base during World War II, will host extensive exhibitions featuring important figures from the modern and contemporary art. The first exhibition at the submarine base will be on one of the masters of modern art, Gustav Klimt, the exhibition will be organized by Culturespace. Klimt’s use of colors throughout his landscape and portrait paintings will be discovered digitally. Since the center used to be a submarine base, in some galleries the grounds are covered with water to a certain level, and therefore, unlike the traditional museum visiting experience, the artworks will be explored from the bridges. The other exhibition that will be opening at the same time with Klimt will be the Paul Klee exhibition. Klee is an artist who is considered as one of the most known and appreciated artists of the modern era. Klee’s artworks will be explored by witnessing the relationship between music and visual arts. Bassines de Lumières, Digital Art Center will be opening its doors to art lovers on April 17, 2020.

Bassines de Lumières

Museum, Digital Arts Center, Tavira, Portugal

Zero Museum in Tavira takes attention with its new and different approach. The museum will be hosting artists who produce art using technology from different countries. Artists who work with mediums such as sound, images, and light will participate in an art residency program held by the museum to produce their works while living in the region where the museum is located. The artists will transform the museum and its surroundings into an area where they can apply their artistic practices. At the end of this experience, they will be curating an exhibition altogether, and this is intended to be organized two or three times a year. The museum which was previously used a granary is renovated by Pedra Silva Architecture. The museum is still under construction and will be opening its doors to artists and audiences in 2020.

Zero Museum

Bourse de Commerce, Pinault Collection, Paris, France

Famous collector François Pinault’s contemporary art museum in Paris is one of the much-anticipated museum. In addition to the artworks of the Pinault collection, periodical exhibitions featuring leading names in contemporary art will also be displayed at the museum. The historic Bourse de Commerce building in the center of Paris, which gave the museum its name, was restored by award-winning architect Tadao Ando. The Bourse de Commerce Museum will be the central point between the Pinault’s Museums in Venice, Punta Della Dogana, and Palazzo Grassi. The works, which will alternate between the three museums, will provide a visual richness to the audience. The museum also has an auditorium with a seating capacity of 300. In this area, as well as video and film screenings, conferences, concerts, and many other activities will be held in the field of education. Bourse de Commerce will meet art lovers in June 2020.

Bourse de Commerce

MassArt Museum (MAAM), Boston, USA

The Massachusetts University of Arts and Design is opening a museum that has been the university’s dream for a long time. The museum, which is considered as an educational museum, will not have an art collection. However, the museum will exhibit works produced in different disciplines in the field of contemporary art and especially various works from the field of video game art. The museum aims to show ‘what has never been shown before’. It will meet with the art lovers in February 2020. As an opening exhibition, it will host the first solo exhibition of world-renowned Portuguese woman artist Joana Vasconcelos. Besides, two group exhibitions titled Video Game and Contemporary Art will offer audiences the opportunity to experience artworks from different fields.

MassArt Museum

The awaited museum in Istanbul will be opening very soon…

Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum, Turkey

Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture has moved to a new location but not done its official opening yet. The new building of the museum in Tophane formerly was used as a customs building and is renovated by the award-winning architect, Emre Arolat. In recent months, as being one of the exhibition venues for Istanbul Biennale, we had the opportunity to visit the museum. The collection of the museum shelters the most valuable and wide range of artists from Turkish art which contains about 15.000 artworks. The new museum is expected to open to visitors in the spring of 2020, and we will be able to rediscover this precious collection.

Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture


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