David Hockney – My Window

A limited-edition of David Hockney’s signed book My Window is published. This valuable book consists of the artist’s digital paintings produced between the years 2009 and 2012, with the iPhone and iPad. The digital paintings are depicted while observing outside the bedroom window of his home in Yorkshire. 120 of the hundreds of digital paintings produced by the artist were selected for this book. During the production process, the artist spent a lot of his time in his room due to the possibilities of technology. He drew while lying down in his bed, he used the screen light at all hours of the day, even in the dark he kept drawing without the need to get up. Hockney, in some of his paintings, has a more abstract style than his established painting style, recorded the different times of the day, changing seasons, and instant moments while focusing on the reflections of the sun, the daylight reflected on the vase, and the reflections of light through the morning sky. Renowned painter David Hockney is 82 years old and throughout his career is known with his passion for trying and exploring different disciplines by using technology and not being limited to painting with traditional techniques. My Window is designed by Hans Werner Holzwarth and published by Taschen is available for 1,750 euros.