Depictions of Nature As An Extent: Fatih Dülger

In his paintings, Fatih Dülger depicts images of nature as a mirror to human attitudes. He reflects human traces and attitudes towards nature by internalizing them. In this context, nature used as a metaphor is not perceived as an outside place but treated as an internalized extent. In addition to the infinite depth of nature, […]

Beyond Apparent, A Search for Truth and Essence: Işıl Acar

In her paintings, Işıl Acar is searching to depict the truth and essence beyond everything that we perceive with our senses. The medium that she uses in her process has a great influence on her works. While painting, she associates her own emotions and impulses as well. We had a conversation with Işıl Acar about […]

An interview with Ayşe Gürkaş: On Images and Possibilities

In her paintings, Ayşe Gürkaş recreates the environment that she lives in and builds new possible images. When we think of the incidents occur around us at the same time, we can say that we are experiencing only our own truths. However, all existing realities bring along many possibilities. We had a conversation with Ayşe […]

An Artist Who Paints Like Himself: Serdar Acar

What comes to your mind when you look at Serdar Acar’s paintings? Initiating within this point of view, we had a very sincere conversation with the artist on why and how he produces his artworks; We focused on his artistic process, his intention to depict ideal places as subjects to his paintings and his search […]

An Educator and Artist Analyzing Identity Formation Processes: Canan Çakar

As an artist drawing particular attention with her paintings that satirize the male-dominated structure of the professional and academic worlds, Canan Çakar is also a researcher and an academician candidate studying education’s role in the formation of identity. We talked with Çakar about her artistic journey, the relationship between education and art, as well as […]

An Engineer/Artist with an Urban Issue: Hakan Sorar

As one of the newest members of the family, Hakan Sorar examines the effects of the intense urban transformation particularly taking place in Istanbul on the individual’s relationship with his physical space as well as on memory. Sorar embraces photography as his basic medium but he carries it outside its two-dimensional surface with his […]

The Visible Fading Away and the Volatile Images of Handan Akarsu’s new member Handan Akarsu is a multi-talented artist, standing out with her career as a Painter and an Interior Designer as well as with her academic work. In her paintings, she depicts all kinds of images every viewer can establish a bond with, and while doing so, she also questions the relationship between the […]

An Alternative Urban Experience with İpek Yeğinsü

The urban experience in İpek Yeğinsü’s photographs is more about dynamic and blurry impressions rather than static images. As a long-time member of the family with her contributions to the website’s content and her almost abstract expressionist photographs, we talked to Yeğinsü about her experience, her multi-dimensional career and her artistic practice.