A Modest Awareness Through Paintings: Mehmet Çevik

Mehmet Çevik touches upon the dream world of the audience with his paintings produced within the cycle of “imagination, reality and the present time”. His colorful palette and the figures depicted without any motive to resemble reality can be considered as reminders and stimuli. We had a short conversation with Çevik on his production process […]

The Compositions in which Figures and Movement Integrate with Nature: Elif Çelebi

While producing her paintings, Elif Çelebi inspires from the performing arts. In her compositions, the figures in motion integrate with nature and Çelebi takes the viewer from reality into fictional spaces in which there is no sense of gravity. Among the various techniques that Çelebi is experienced with, she mostly uses engraving while producing her […]

A Criticism on Consumption Culture: Mihriban Mirap

In her paintings, Mihriban Mirap focuses on the consumption culture by representing people living in urban places as well as examining the notion of beauty defined in society by depicting the aged women. She opposes the norms imposed in a critical attitude. We had a brief conversation with the artist on her painting adventure, and […]

Colorful Machines: Osman Törer

In his paintings, Osman Törer invents brand new machines by combining different engine parts. At first sight, the machines that he constructs with vibrant colors attract the attention of the viewer. Osman Törer works as an art teacher at Women’s Closed Criminal Institution for more than five years. We had a quite sincere conversation with […]

The Mystery Behind the Portraits: Esra Yıldırım

Esra Yıldırım’s paintings are semantically and emotionally intense. In her paintings in which she correlates with herself and makes references to her future portraits, she is nourished by cultural values and traditions. There is a shuttle weaving between emotions and thoughts in her works, where spirituality also forms their infrastructures. We had a quiet sincere […]

A separate Story On Each Face: Lütfiye Kösten

In her paintings, Lütfiye Kösten focuses on the concepts of time, space, identity and existence. With her graphical attitude which she uses while depicting her portraits, she transmits symbols and beliefs that nourish Kösten from her own culture. The artist, who represents a different story and a different expression on each face, creates an inevitable […]

A Struggle Against a Relationship between the Urban, Human, and Nature: Nursun Hafızoğlu

In her paintings, Nursun Hafızoğlu struggles against the insolvable, agglomerate and chaotic environment of city life. She focuses on human greediness and selfishness by representing elements from nature and distorted images of urban landscapes. In her paintings, the delicate and fragile aspects that are given by using a collage technique represents the sensitive attitude of […]

Timeless and Placeless Paintings Gözde Başkent

In her paintings, Gözde Başkent examines the concepts that are invisible and difficult to perceive with the mind through the timeless and placeless compositions. Başkent explores the state of being human through the relationship with nature by applying different techniques with which she reaches calmness with her color palette and creates diversity on the surface […]

In Optical Fictions, On Nature-Human Relationship: Elif Tutka

In her paintings with optical constructions, Elif Tutka deals with the contrasts between the mechanical order created by man and nature. The fictional and artificial elements in her compositions depicted in a realistic style and painted with oil and acrylic, create contrast both visually and semantically. We had a conversation with the artist about the […]

Depictions of Nature As An Extent: Fatih Dülger

In his paintings, Fatih Dülger depicts images of nature as a mirror to human attitudes. He reflects human traces and attitudes towards nature by internalizing them. In this context, nature used as a metaphor is not perceived as an outside place but treated as an internalized extent. In addition to the infinite depth of nature, […]