Cape Town Top 10

A magnificent nature, interesting history, wide selection of food and drinks, exciting natural life and rich art scene. Only a few art destinations can provide all of these beautiful things together in one place. Cape Town was announced as The World’s Best City by English Daily Telegraphy in 2018. In addition to all these wonderful […]

Paris: The City of Light, Love and Art

Bridges on the Seine River, breath-taking Eiffel Tower standing tall at the heart of the city, crème and beige apartments with small balcony… The city of light and lovers, Paris, makes you feel at home, simply because Paris Sera Toujours Paris (Paris will always be Paris). You can hear an Edith Piaf song playing on […]

Seattle Top 10

The emerging high-tech businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs in the past 30 years made Seattle one of the leading cities in art collecting across the United States. Seattle attracts many art visitors every year, hosting well-known collectors. There is a great amount of influencers and serious art followers such as Barney Ebsworth, Tom Podl, Richard and […]


With its tiny streets, bridges, canales and gondolas sailing in the heart of the city, Venice is one of the most widely visited tourist attractions in the world. Located in northeastern Italy, this histocial 13th century city where Antonio Vivaldi, Titian and Marco Polo were born has a lot to offer. With its marveleous galleries […]

Cape Town Top 10

Cape  Town offers visitors a breath-taking journey through art as well as its cultural and historical sights.   1. IZIKO NATIONAL ART GALLERY This museum, a must-see for all art-lovers, offers quiet an impressive experience with its temporary and permanent exhibitions that feature works of South African art history. 2. FIRST THURSDAY EVENT The city […]