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Yıldırım İnce

Yıldırım İnce was born in 1986 in Balıkesir. He started his art education under the guidance of painter Özdemir Yemencioğlu. After completing his bachelors degree in Painting in Balıkesir Faculty of Fine Arts, İnce went on to Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University where he recieved his graduate degree in Painting. For his master thesis, he worked on the theme “Photorealism and Metropolis in Contemporary Art”. In his works, İnce focuses on urban elements and aspects of urban living. Unlike the Pop or Photorealist artists in art history who depicted banal images of everyday life, İnce is interested more in the mythologies of urban pop culture – the motorcycles, restaurants, bars, automobiles and neon signs.

You can read artist’s interview by clicking this link.

2019 All in one 01, with, Gallery Bu Pavillion – Istanbul
2017 Karma III, Gallery Desen – Ankara
2017 Genç Türkiye Zirvesi Sanat Etkinliği Sergisi, Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar – ICEC
2017 8. Uluslararası Eskişehir Sanat Çalıştayı Sergisi
2017 Reflections, with, Istanbul Kültür University Art Gallery
2016 Dokunuşlar 2, Gallery Desen – Ankara
2016 Art Suites Gallery 19. International Workshop Exhibition – Bodrum
2015 Sezona Merhaba Karma Sergi 1, Gallery Desen – Ankara
2015 Dokunuşlar 1, Gallery Desen – Ankara
2014 Istanbul Rotary Art Competition Exhibition, Proje 4L Elgiz Contemporary art Museum
2014 Art Suites Gallery 14. International Workshop Exhibition – Bodrum
2013 13. Şefik Bursalı Painting Competition Exhibition, State Gallery of Fine Arts – Ankara
2012 6. International Biblioteca Di Bodio Lomnago Exlibris Award Exhibition – Italy
2010 Back Street Workshop Group Exhibition, State Gallery of Fine Arts – Balıkesir
2009 Square Order Corners, Cases (solo exhibition), Bizz Lalenka Café – Balıkesir

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