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Işıl Acar

Işıl Acar was born in Istanbul in 1994. She completed her undergraduate degree at Işık University, Faculty of Fine Arts at the Painting Department.

In her abstract paintings produced with resin, she seeks reality and essence beyond what is perceived and visible. She also tries to make her memories and inner feelings visible within the representations of rocks, algae, and light beams. She creates a new language to represent a relationship between the substances that are visible and invisible in the cosmos and between the individuals and the individual differences.

You can read artist’s interview by clicking this link.

2019 Letters, La Visione Art Gallery – Istanbul
2019 Kız Başına, Dijital Karanfil Projesi Artırılmış Gerçeklik Sergisi
2019 Işık Private Collection Exhibition, Maslak Campus – Istanbul
2019 Motion, Gallery Işık – Istanbul
2019 Printing and Engraving Students Exhibition, Işık University
2019 Sanata Bi Yer, Doğuş Group – Digital Exhibition
2016 Intersection, Raar Art Department