Esra Yıldırım

Esra Yıldırım was born in 1984 in Bursa. In 2006, she graduated from the Faculty of Painting-Education at Uludağ University. In 2015, she completed her master’s degree at Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Fine Arts. She continues her Ph.D. at Marmara University, Faculty of Art Education which she started in 2017. Apart from publishing research papers, she works as an art teacher at Istanbul Başakşehir Fine Arts High School. She participates in various exhibitions, congresses, and symposiums in Turkey and abroad.

Esra Yıldırım portraits herself as a theme in her paintings while destroying individuality and pointing out the ‘we’ by the transparent figures that come out of motifs. The artist, who depicts elements from her culture, associates herself with carpet-rug, visual, motifs, life-related, sensory images in a repetitive way by opening the doors of her individual world. With the visual elements surrounding her, like tapestries, carpets, rugs, cross-stitches, laces, Yıldırım makes everything on the surface intertwine. This path is forcing her to think about reality, what is fictional and the sensory, and expose them. In her paintings, she forces herself to think about what is both real, fictional and sensuous and to represent what she thinks. What the audience sees is a combination of thinking, perception, feeling, as well as the reality and the meaning of what they feel when they confront the portraits. The nested structure of her paintings can be considered as a roof that shelters many different stories under one book, just like in a novel, where every chapter has a different story.

You can read artist’s interview by clicking this link.

2020 Andy Warhol Pop Art Exhibition (a simultaneous collaborative exhibition), McArt Loft, Uniqexpo, Istanbul
2020 Artists of Turkey Exhibition, Near East University Irfan Gunsel Congress Center, Cyprus
2020 Son’Oportre, Solo Exhibition, Mira Koldaş Art Gallery, Ankara
2019 Two Generations, One Portrait, Taksim Art, Istanbul
2019 Winter Letters, Arda Art Gallery, Ankara
2019 Kızılay Hilâl-i Ahmer Private Collection Exhibition, Istanbul-Izmir-Antalya
2019 100 Portraits, Bakırköy Arts and Culture Maison, Muhsin Kut Art Gallery, Istanbul
2019 Spring Festival, F Art Gallery, Istanbul
2018 International Engravings Cultural Heritage Lithography Exhibition, Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul
2018 New Space, Gallery Soyut, Ankara
2018 II International Symposium of Arts Education Research Exhibition, Cer Modern, Ankara