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Bengisu Bayrak

Bengisu Bayrak was born in Germany in 1978. She received her BA degree from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department (2001), MA degree from Istanbul Bilgi University, Cinema and Television Department (2005), Proficiency in Arts from Marmara University Fine Arts Institute, Painting Department (2008) and from the University of Wales she received her MBA (2011) in Business Administration. She participated to various group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad, she also had solo exhibitions in Istanbul and New York. She won several awards, including “Akbank Contemporary Artists Award” and “Moleskine 2.0” Design Competition (Hong Kong) First Prize. In addition, besides her productive artistic career Bayrak also teaches Art and Design classes at Istanbul Kültür University and Istanbul Bilgi University and has a book called “An Essay on Meaning Problem in Contemporary Art”.
In her works Bengisu Bayrak questions the credibility and accuracy of great quotations, historical facts, and social orders by creating visual and literary materials. The temporary objects, ordinary documents, films, old/new books are used as backgrounds throughout her works. The ideas that she has accumulated throughout her life within the informations and her thoughts on a specific issue embody her works by blending them with today.

2020 The Goddess in me, Curator: İpek Yeğinsu, collaboration with and Swissotel The Bosphorus, Istanbul
2020 Us Actually, Mixer – Istanbul
2019 Paper Cut, solo exhibition, Büyükdere35 – Istanbul
2019 Complex Questions, Fascinating Replies, Curator: Beral Madra, Evliyagil Dolapdere – Istanbul
2018 Printed 18, Mixer – Istanbul
2018 Teşbihte Hata Olmaz, Mixer – Istanbul
2018 Misunderstandings- Nowehere, solo exhibition, Adahan Gallery 1 – Istanbul
2018 Dynamo 3, Swissotel Grand Efes – Izmir
2017 Hide and Seek, solo exhibition, The Highline Loft – New York
2016 Aletheia – Released, solo exhibition, Space Debris – Istanbul