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Aslı Dinç

Aslı Dinç was born in Istanbul in 1985. Having graduated from Painting department in Marmara Faculty of Fine Arts, she went on to Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Art and Design for graduate studies. Since 2011, Dinç continues to work on her thesis on “Formation of occupation houses and its artistic processes”.

Aslı Dinç focuses on the keywords like; timelessness, spaceless, future/history. The variety of layers and juxtapositions exhisting in a city has always been an influence for her. Taking the concept of psychogeography as her starting point, she takes a playful “dérive” approach towards exploring how time and space can replace each other and creates fictional stories by inserting the locations she has discoverd in different time and space realities

2019 Myths and Dreams, with, Kıraathane İstanbul
2018 Needed: You / 672 Hours Live Process with Performistanbul – Istanbul
2018 Eskiz Hali, Galeri 5 – Istanbul
2017 15. Istanbul Biennial, performance for Pedro Gomez Egana’s Domain of Things
2017 In Situ, Pera Museum – Istanbul
2017 Concrete, Art On Istanbul
2016 Treasure Room, with, Adahan Hotel
2015 Art International Nevin Aladağ’s performance project: Move – Istanbul
2015 Echo of a distant time, Open Space Istanbul
2015 Contemporary Istanbul, with
2015 Never Let me Go, The Art Department by Casa dell’Arte
2014 Mamut Art Project – Istanbul

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