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Ed. 3+1 AP With white frame 45x45 cm

Rain I-

Type Photograph
Date 2018
Certificate of Authenticity Exists
Signature On the Certificate of Authenticity
Technic Digital Print
Width / Height 40x40 cm
To leave our mark on the world and to read others' marks left on it is our best way of dealing with mortality. This could be the reason why we tend to use objects and images to frieze time
through which we try to connect with places
times and people that no longer exist.The "-" Series builds a subjective narrative through objects and images filled with such layers of references
turning into time and memory capsules. Rendering visible the cycle between the ephemeral and the permanent
the present and the absent
the past and the future
it welcomes the viewer into a nameless story.
Ed. 3+1 AP
With white frame 45x45 cm