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Görkem Dikel

Görkem Dikel

Görkem Dikel completed her undergraduate in Painting Department, studio of Yalçın Karayağız, and studios of Serigraphy - Mural Painting at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2012. She started M.A. at the same university as soon as she graduated and was a visiting student at Fine Arts School of University of Seville between 2009 and 2010. Dikel was awarded in 2010 artist fellowship by Fundación Antonio Gala founded by the Spanish writer Antonio Gala. She attended, among other young artists from three countries, Plein-Air Workshop in Andalusia in 2013 which was organized by Fundación Tres Culturas. Still a student, she held her first solo show entitled “Bigger than You”  at SODA on large scale paintings of her trip in 2010 to the Sahara desert. She received pedagogical formation from Educational Sciences of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2015. She is currently working on her M.A. thesis entitled “Abstraction and Space in the 21st Century” and continues her artistic production in her studio in Istanbul.

Appearing in many group and solo art shows both domestically and internationally, Dikel often attracts global attention. Her art pieces have featured as part of special collections in the USA, Australia, England, Germany, Italy and at home. She was listed among “Best of 2014 Collection” at Saatchi Art.

The substructure of the artist’s plastic language is based on the four states of the matter with its transforming processes and its movements in time and space. With her artistic aproach based on abstraction, the artist builds her notion of space on the spot that physics has reached so far.

Whilst forming her artistic practices around the transformation and motion of the matter in space and its interaction made with hypothetical void, she brings some extraordinary dimensions and oscillations through juxtapositions and superpositons.

What is solid evaporates, liquid freezes, air solidifies, what is behind appears in the front and the atoms the reality is made of are torn apart.

In ‘%100 Fictional Spaces’ series, the inevitable and unfathomable phenomenons of the universe cause a sense of alienation by intruding the life of the individual.

While taking inspiration from science-fiction, thriller, iconology, tales and personal memories, she utilizes the paint as it can easily represent other textures and also itself as paint, in order to create collage – like paintings.

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Group Show: Three-Day World, Tekke Yokuşu no.3 - Istanbul

          Art Fair: Art Sevilla, Arquemi Estudio y Galeria de Arquitectura - Spain

          La Noche en Blanco, Arquemi Estudio y Galeria de Arquitectura - Spain

          Art Fair: Parallax AF, London - UK

          Group Show: Nilüfer Workshop Exhibition, Nazım Hikmet Kültür Evi - Bursa

2016 Collective Show: Tutti Frutti, Teşvikiye Art Gallery - Istanbul

          Collective Show: Very Hot Indeed, Teşvikiye Art Gallery - Istanbul

2015 Collective Show: Witnesses, Rem Art Space - İstanbul

          Art Fair: Contemporary Istanbul, Berlin Istanbul Quartier - Istanbul

          Collective Show: Open Space, Mixer Karaköy - Istanbul

          Collective Show: Bahçe II, Eskisehir Osman Gazi University

2014 Duo Show: Poetic Geometry (with Emre Doğrusöz), Anna Laudel Contemporary - Istanbul

          Collective Show: Open Space, Mixer - Istanbul

2013 Solo Show: Empatía, Galeria de Arte Aula, Sevilla - Spain

          Collective Show: Dreams, Austria Saint George Hospital - Istanbul

2012 Solo Show: Bigger Than You, Soda - Istanbul

2011 Collective Show: Spontaneously, Hotel Palazzo Donizetti - Istanbul

You can read artist's interview by clicking this link.

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