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Hakan Sorar

Hakan Sorar

Born in 1991, Hakan Sorar began his career in photography after receiving painting and photography education at several workshops although his formal educational background is in engineering. Sorar whose artistic oeuvre focuses on the concepts of city and memory, has a particular interest in subjects including human-architecture relationship, urban transformation and changing architecture. In his graphic compositions where he combines human figure with architectural elements, he investigates the relationship between the individual and his changing environment. In his “Recolor" series where he uses Instant film, he emphasizes the way memory is deconstructed and offered back to us following a pseudo-renovation, and the artificiality of the urban transformation ornamented and colored to be made more appealing.

A professional photographer, Sorar produces work for magazines, blogs, concerts and special events as well.

Selected Exhibitions:

2019 World Art Day, İzmir'19 Exhibition

2018 World Art Day, İzmir'18 Exhibition

2018 Design on Tomtom Street, Arthouse IV

2018 Antonina Art Gallery, Collection Exhibition

2017 Design on Tomtom Street, Arthouse III

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Set Ascending Direction