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Ceyda Güler

Ceyda Güler

Ceyda Güler was born in 1979 in Kayseri. After completing her undergraduate studies in Painting in Fine Arts department of Erciyes University as head of the faculty, she received her masters and PhD degree in the same field from Marmara University. Güler currently teaches at Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Department as associate professor.

 In the paintings of Ceyda Güler the interlocking shapes feature in an equilibrum. The systematical abstract geometric arrangements of the plans and grains generate a particular structure. Here, the colorful peinture and the form on the canvas settle up with the digital structure on the transparant surface and thus makes a new and distinct space. Güler is inspired by music and everyday life. 

 “The space in my compositions, is getting beyond the representations of objects and becomes new forms putting itseld into the perceptions of the viewers. The blurred images are not the description of the outer reality, anymore. The images becoming abstract, interacte with the canvas' surface and gain new identities.”

Selected Exhibitions:

2018 XII. Bienal Internacional De la Acuarela, Alfredo Guati Rojo Museum - Mexico

2018 100/Hundred, Ovidius University - Constanta

2017 Nowadays/Bugünlerde, Pincello Art Gallery - Istanbul

2017 Akademix, UPSD Gallery - Istanbul

2017 2/10, Fulya Cultural Center - Istanbul

2016 Petites Choses, Galerie Art’et Miss, Paris - France

2016 Empathy, Akdeniz University - Antalya

2016 Synergie, Armoni Art Gallery - Ankara

2015 Aşkın Halleri, Gergedan Art Gallery - Istanbul

2015 Ölümün Nefesi, MKM Beşiktaş Çağdaş - Istanbul

2014 Gerçek-Reality, Art Studio 110 - Cyprus

2013 Exhibition of Turkish Visual Arts, Cafa Art Museum - China

Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction